Wind Powered Walking Machine

 Michael "McKGyver" McKinley, Wind Powered Walking Machine 


The RetroBot is a wind-powered walking machine constructed from recycled materials. She was created in the spring of 2003 as an outdoor art instalation.

Dimensions: 15 feet tall x 6 feet long x 5 feet wide                                  

Power: 8 foot diameter anemometer connected to 128:1 gear reduction

Retrobot Maximum Velocity (15mph wind): 20 yards/ fortnight                  





The RetroBot as installed in an outdoor exhibition.

(The wooden support structure was added to address museum curator fears of walking machine related tramplings.)











 The RetroBot's unprotected MDF gears survived 2 years of Massachusetts weather







 Initial RetroBot concept sketches



 Lego Prototype of Retrobot walking mechanism